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Welcome to our collection of paranormal stories.

We have scoured the internet for anything relating to paranormal cases – be they scary videos, ghost sightings, or urban myths.

If you have your own paranormal story to share then please let us know – we’ll happily add them to the website.

The Elevator Ritual

The Elevator Ritual – gateway to another world

The Elevator Ritual is a game that originated in Korea and has slowly spread around the world. The myth goes that if you enter any elevator and ride it to various floors in a very specific order, the doors will eventually open to another world. This ‘other world’ is reported to be like our world, except…
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Overtoun Bridge

Overtoun Bridge – 600 dogs leap to their death

Overtoun Bridge is a 50ft Scottish structure that has stood in place for over a century. Despite looking like nothing more than an old crumbling bridge, it has a history seeped with death. Over the years some 600 dogs have leaped from the bridge into the rocks and waterfall below, many sadly to their death. There doesn’t…
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Saudi Arabian WItch

Saudi Arabian Witch wandering desert

This is a video captured by Saudi Arabian police, in what looks to be the desert in the middle of the night. The policemen appear to have stumbled into a strange figure dressed in white that many are calling a witch on account of its appearance and behaviour. Approaching the Saudi Arabian Witch in their car,…
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