Case Studies and Stories

Welcome to our collection of Case Studies and Stories.

On this page we present case studies relating to real life people or situations, deliving into them in further details.

We also present stories of a creepy nature that we found entertaining and hope you do too.

If you have your own case study to share then please let us know – we’ll happily add them to the website.

Blanche Monnier

Blanche Monnier – woman locked up for 25 years

This is the sad tale of Blanche Monnier (1849-1913). Blanche was lucky enough to be born into an upper-class family living with Paris. In 1876, with Blanche at the age of 27, her family felt it was the right time for her to get married and start bearing children, and so begun putting pressure on…
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Underground Families

Underground families (Creepypasta)

Full credit for this post goes to Inubasket from Creepypasta. See their post here: Today I came across an interesting post on Creepypasta. Usually this is a website dedicated to scary stories and myths, and most are great reads. However, this particular post by Inubasket I found especially fascinating. In the post, the author describes how…
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Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam – girl’s mysterious last moments

Elisa Lam was a Canadian student who rose to fame after being reported missing during a trip to Los Angeles. She had been staying in the infamous Cecil Hotel (which has its own dark history), and her body was eventually found naked in a water tank on the hotel’s rooftop over a fortnight later, after…
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Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass Incident is the name given to the mysterious disappearance of a team of hikers in the Ural Mountains, Russia, back in 1959. Based on diaries and cameras belonging to the team that have since been found, we can piece together the beginning stage of their journey. Led by Igor Dyatlov, the experienced group had planned…
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