Nightcrawler captured on CCTV


The ‘Nightcrawler’ is the name given to a strange creature captured by CCTV cameras outside a house in California, USA. The cameras were placed by an elderly couple outside their home as an attempted deterrent against recent break-ins.

In the video you can see two oddly-shaped creatures walking across a lawn at nighttime. One of the creatures is larger whilst a smaller one is seen following behind – possibly its child.

The Nightcrawlers do not have any arms, and instead appear to have longer legs that stretch up to their heads. They walk in a peculiar fashion, with their legs bending very unnaturally.

Please find the video below.

Nightcrawler StatueSince this video of the Nightcrawlers was first discovered, pictures of statues that bear a huge resemblance to the Nightcrawlers have surfaced.

A Mexican TV show did a report on the Nightcrawler, which stated that these statues were apparently made by Native Indians. The report claims that according to Native Indian legends, these creatures have been living on Earth far longer than even humans have.

It’s not known whether the Nightcrawler is friendly or violent, nor where it lives or how it eats.

Whether you believe the footage is true or not is up to you. However, imagine looking on your CCTV monitor in the middle of the night and seeing creatures such as these in your garden!

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