Saudi Arabian Witch wandering desert

This is a video captured by Saudi Arabian police, in what looks to be the desert in the middle of the night. The policemen appear to have stumbled into a strange figure dressed in white that many are calling a witch on account of its appearance and behaviour.

Approaching the Saudi Arabian Witch in their car, the policemen are taking no chances and acting very cautiously. After a few moments of tense standoff, the witch suddenly decides to charge at their car, causing the policemen to quickly reverse to safety (you can hear one of the policemen yelling out in distress).

This repeats a few times with the witch clearly annoyed or disturbed by the vehicle’s presence, until finally the policemen drive off as the figure disappears into the darkness again.

Take a look at the video below:

You have to wonder, if this isn’t a witch, what is this person doing by themselves out in a desert at night? Have the police really wandered into a Saudi Arabian Witch, or is it just a very unusual local?

It certainly has a creepy hobbling walk, and the way it chases after the vehicle is very unnerving.

Of course, it could well be faked but it’s certainly very interesting!

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