Overtoun Bridge

Overtoun Bridge – 600 dogs leap to their death

Overtoun Bridge is a 50ft Scottish structure that has stood in place for over a century. Despite looking like nothing more than an old crumbling bridge, it has a history seeped with death.

Over the years some 600 dogs have leaped from the bridge into the rocks and waterfall below, many sadly to their death. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for the dogs to do this, and owners who’ve been questioned report that their dogs were not acting strangely in anyway prior to jumping.

Another interesting fact is that the dogs nearly always jump off on the same side of the bridge, at the same point.

There are many that believe that spirits or ghosts are involved, either tricking the dogs into jumping off the bridge, or actually pushing them.

Alice Trevorrow, whose dog jumped off the bridge back in 2014, said:

“There is no way my dog did it on purpose. There is something sinister going on here. It was so out of character for her. I had parked up and, as she is so obedient, didn’t put her lead on. My son Thomas and I walked towards Cassie, who was staring at something above the bridge. What it was I won’t ever know, but she definitely saw something that made her jump.”

Locals believe that the spirit ‘White lady of Overtoun’ is the culprit, a local myth who’s repeatedly been sighted over the last 100 years. One local, Paul Owens, even claims to have felt a presence on the bridge:

“I was standing there two years ago when I felt a firm, hard prod that felt like a finger. Something or someone was trying to push me over the bridge too, just like the dogs.”

What do you think? Could an evil spirit really be causing so many dogs to mindlessly leap off of Overtoun Bridge?

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