The Elevator Ritual

The Elevator Ritual – gateway to another world

The Elevator Ritual is a game that originated in Korea and has slowly spread around the world.

The myth goes that if you enter any elevator and ride it to various floors in a very specific order, the doors will eventually open to another world. This ‘other world’ is reported to be like our world, except everything is black and you are the only person there – kind of terrifying.

One of the theories behind Elisa Lam’s mysterious death is that she was performing the Elevator Ritual.

It’s been reported by those who’ve successfully made the trip that it’s very easy to become disorientated in the other world, so make sure you have your wits about you, and don’t stay for too long.

Without further do, here are the instructions for how to play the Elevator Ritual. If you’re trying this yourself please be cautious.

Rules of the Elevator Ritual

  • Rules

    You need a building with at least 10 floors in that has an elevator. The ritual must be performed alone – it will always fail if someone else accompanies you.

  • 1) Enter the elevator on the 1st floor and press the button for the 4th floor.

    Remember this must be done alone. If someone else is in the elevator you’ll have to abandon your ritual and try again later.

  • 2) Ride the elevator to the 4th floor.

    Stay in the elevator and press the button for the 6th floor

  • 3) Ride the elevator to the 6th floor

    Remain in the elevator and press the button for the 2nd floor

  • 4) Ride the elevator to the 2nd floor

    Stay in the elevator and press the button for the 10th floor. It’s worth noting that some people have reported hearing voices calling to them from the 2nd floor at this point. For your own safety, do not reply to these voices.

  • 5) Ride the elevator to the 10th floor

    Stay in the elevator and press the button for the 5th floor.

  • 6) Ride the lift to the 5th floor

    At this stage of the ritual, if you’ve done everything correctly, a woman should enter the lift at the 5th floor. This is massively important – do not acknowledge, look or talk to her. Doing so not only ruins the ritual, it will also put your very life in danger, for this woman is not what she seems.

  • 7) Press the button to the 1st floor

    If the elevator begins ascending to the 10th floor instead of the 1st floor, you have performed the ritual successfully and may proceed. If the elevator takes you to the 1st floor, get out of there as soon as the doors open. Do not panic, do talk to the woman or look back.

  • 8) When you reach the 10th floor, you must choose to get off the elevator or stay on it

    If you choose to get off, the woman will finally speak to you and ask you where you are going. Once again, do not answer her or look at her.

  • 9) You will now have arrived at the other world

    When looking around you may see a red cross in amongst the darkness. Make sure you don’t venture too far, and can always make it back to the lift.

There are conflicting reports about whether phones and other electronic devices work from the other world. It’s also said that when you try and make it back to the lift it can seem to get further and further away from you, so be careful.

The return trip to our world must be performed using the following steps:

  • Using the same elevator as you entered with, press the same buttons in the order you did to arrive, starting with the 4th floor and ending with the 5th floor.
  • When you arrive at the 5th floor, press the button for the 1st floor. The lift will begin to ascend to the 10th floor – you must stop it from arriving there by pressing any other button.

Before stepping out the elevator make sure you are definitely back in our world. If any small details are not correct, do not exit the elevator. Instead repeat the steps again until you’re sure you’re back in our world, and only then step out of the elevator.

If you decide to play this game, stay safe and let us know what you find in the other world.

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