Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass Incident is the name given to the mysterious disappearance of a team of hikers in the Ural Mountains, Russia, back in 1959. Based on diaries and cameras belonging to the team that have since been found, we can piece together the beginning stage of their journey.

Led by Igor Dyatlov, the experienced group had planned a trek across one of the mountains, Otorten. All was going well until poor weather conditions and a snowstorm led to the team heading in the wrong direction and up a different mountain (Kholat Syakhl). Rather than head back down to the safer wooded area further down the mountain, they opted to make camp and ride out the poor weather.

The team had been expected to reach their destination by February 12th, so when nothing had been heard from them by February 20th a search party was formed. The search party traced the group’s path and eventually found the abandoned camp on the wrong mountainside on February 26th.

What they found at the campside was highly disturbing. The group’s abandoned tent was heavily damaged, and had been cut from the inside to allow the team to quickly escape from something (or someone). The team’s footprints in the snow leading away from the tent showed they hadn’t been able to get dressed properly – some had fled wearing just socks, whereas most were purely in bare feet.

The bodies of two of the team were found about a mile away in only their underwear – again adding weight to the theory that they had had to make a fast getaway from their tent. The trees around the body showed climbing marks, indicating that the two trekkers had tried to climb them – perhaps to get away from something? Their hands and feet also had burn marks, as did the trees around them, leading some to theorise that there had been an explosion of some sort.

The bodies of three more of the team were found in a position indicating that they were running back to the tent. Having previously run away from the tent, it’s very odd why they would then be running back again, unless being chased by something.

The bodies of the four remaining trekkers were eventually found later on, and all showed signs of receiving a heavy hit, including fractured skulls and chest damage. A doctor at the time stated that the pressure needed to cause the kind of injuries sustained by this group is far greater than a human could ever cause.

So there you have the facts about the Dyatlov Pass Incident, now for some of the theories on what happened to the group:

  • Attacked by local Mansi people. It’s possible the local tribe might have attacked the group for encroaching upon their land. However, there were no other footprints found other than those of the hikers, and there was no sign of hand-to-hand struggle.
  • Attacked by a yeti-like creature. The injuries received by some of the team were too severe to have been caused by a human. I imagine waking up to a large animal attacking your tent would be enough to make anyone get out and run out in bare feet into a snowstorm.
  • Attacked by aliens. The final odd part of this story is that at the hikers funerals their families reported that the bodies had an ‘deep brown tan’ to them, and also appeared to have aged substantially. This information coupled with the fact that the hikers’ clothes were found to contain radiation has led some to suggest that the group were visited or attacked by aliens. Orange spheres were seen in the sky around the area at that time by another group of hikers.
  • Attacked by the government or military. There was reportedly a great amount of scrap metal on the mountains, and so it’s plausible that the government or military had secret units there, who had to silence the group of hikers once they discovered it. This might explain why the first two bodies found had signs of explosion and burning, if they were attacked by some sort of weapon.

We will probably never know the truth about what happened to the team of hikers, but it’s certainly very suspicious.

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